Punch Sensor


Punch sensor is a wearable device that can sense the strength of your punch that is the strength with which you can swift your hand in air. The score that is displayed on the 3 digit 7-segment display is the highest value of the average of the voltage produced on x, y and z axis during the time frame when the device is in punch sensing state.



Fig: Punch Sensor Component Description


Instructions to Use:

Wear the device. Make sure that the device is strapped firmly on your hand using the Velcro on the belt of the device.Switch on the power supply using the power switch on the device, make sure that the LED turns on and the 3 digit 7-segment display show 000 on it. Now, whenever you are ready press the USER button on the device, make sure the device goes to the punching state where it displays letter P on the 7 segment display. Start PUNCHING until the P is displayed on the seven segment. When the P will go, the seven segment will display maximum punch out of all the attempts you made during the punching state i.e. P.


The 7 segment will display the latest high score, if you want to reset the score press the RESET button on the device and the score will reset. The score is just the average of the ADC values and doesn’t correspond to any unit.


Component List:

Name Product Name Manufacturer Notes Quantity
PIC Microcontroller pic32mx150f128b Microchip None 1
PIC Kit 3 PIC Kit 3 Microchip For programming the PIC microcontroller 1
Voltage Regulator IC LM117 Texas Instrument None 1
Accelerometer Pololu acc01a breakout board Pololu None 1
Push Button SPDT None Bought online from Sparkfun 2
7 Segment 3 Digit 7 Segment None Bought online from ebay 1
LED LED-1206 Sparkfun None 1
0.1 uf Capacitor CAP-1206 Sparkfun None 4
10 uf Capacitor CAP-1206 Sparkfun None 1
2.2K Resistance US-RES-1206 Sparkfun None 3
10K Resistance US-RES-1206 Sparkfun None 1
Battery 9V battery Duracell None 1
Battery Holder 9V battery holder Radio Shack None 1


Board and Schematic:

Sch_Image           Brd_Image


cc         bb