Automatic Bartender

Automatic Bartender – Bartender on Kitchen Top

Bartender on your kitchen top than can make same tasting amazing cocktails and mocktails using various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as input.


Body frame of this automatic bartender is made with wood. Which is covered with black PVC sheet. The structure is then made water proof to prevent any accidental spills to the electronics.

There is a metallic food grade funnel mounted on top of the wooden structure where all the inlet pipes gets combined to make the drink.

All the electronics components are stored at the bottom, under the wooden plank.

Electronic Components:

Automatic bartender uses raspberry pie as the main micro controller. This is the main brain for the system that uses 8-channel relay to control the 6 peristaltic motors that are used to pump the liquids.

Display is a 16×2 LCD which display all the action and information during drink formation and notifies when the drink mixing is complete. There are 2 push button switches that are being used to navigate¬† between various drink option. Any of the button right/left can be used for creating drink.

Set Up:

To setup the machine simple hook in the pipes to the individual beverage bottles. Then simply just power on the machine and you should see the automatic bartender being awake and ready to mix you drinks.

The drinks menu and portion of the drinks are highly customizable and can be done by editing the source code. You get the portion from a know recipe or be creative to make your own drinks. The possibilities on variety of drinks are endless.

Running Automatic Bartender:

Using Next or Previous push button navigate through the menu list. Once you reach your desired drink, just long press any button.

Automatic Bartender will notify you on display when the drink is ready.

Enjoy Your Drink!

Menu With Current Setting:

AutomaticBartender Menu